Let's make push notifications interesting and useful!

Build and manage your own feed for free and in under a minute. Filter posts from your favorite social media channels and forward them to the devices of your choice.

Create new feed

Create a new
push notification feed

Register a new feed with the form below.

Allow browser prompt to receive push notifications from pushm.io.

Select and add social media channels by copy-pasting its url to your feeds dashboard.

Click "Activate" / "Deactivate" to start/stop receiving notifications from added channels.

Supported Sources

Filter your notifications from the following sources.

Twitter (Timelines)

Filter by keywords.

Reddit (Subreddits)

Filter by keywords, karma and authors.

Supported Browsers and Devices

Subscribe to your feed with any modern device, browser and Operating System (except iOS).
No app installation needed and runs in the background.

Chrome (Recommended)



What do you use Pushm.io for?

Ivar, 36, Trader

Hello. I am a stock and cryptocurrency trader who buys and sells depending on news and social media. With this simple tool i keep track of all major news channels. Whenever one of them writes something about a stock/coin that i hold, i will be notified wherever i am. Then i can buy or sell as one of the first, depending on the news. Thank you for this tool!

Laura, 22, Gamer

I was so annoyed of push notification on my phone.. Because i subscribed to a lot of gaming channels i used to get lots of messages about games i don't even play. Before i started using pushm.io i had already deactivated them for all apps. I set my filters accordingly and now only get about 2 interesting notifications a day. This way push notifications are not annying at all anymore.

Samira, 29, Blogger

My hobby and profession is writing articles for my own blogs. In some of my niches it is very good to publish news very soon to rank higher in search engines. Pushm.io helps me keeping up with all important news updates about my niches without having to read through all the spam. This way i get more ideas for articles and can write and publish them faster.

Hakim, 23, Fan

Hi i'm Hakim. I use pushmio for keeping up to date with new manga and anime chapter releases. I have added /r/anime, /r/manga and also some Twitter channels. Then i filter only posts regarding my favorite books/series. Whenever a new episode is released i get notified instantly. Greets.

..and you?

How to create and configure your push notification feed

1. Create a new feed

On the top of this page, put some name for your feed and set your password. The name should contain no whitespace. You will later use your name to find your feed across all devices.

2. Allow Notifications

Your browser will promt you to allow receiving notifications to your device.

3. Add channels to your feed (f.e. subreddits or twitter profiles)

Choose which channels you want to receive notifications from. On your feedpage click the plus button and copy-paste the social media or news channels urls.

4. Connect your device(s)

To subscribe to your own feed with your current device simply press the subscribe button. If you want to subscribe on another device you have to visit your feeds url on that device with any modern browser (preferably chrome) and hit the button there.

That's it!

Now you will receive push notifications from your added channels to your connected device(s). To keep your subscription active you need to resubscribe at least once a month.

Optionally filter your channels

Click on the edit button for each channel to filter its posts. You can filter by popularity, words or phrases and authors.

It's free!

We offer you a free plan with almost no limits.

Filter social media and news channels

Use our tool to choose for yourself what messages you want the get forwarded to your devices. Filter posts by specific words, popularity, authors and more.

Manage the notification feed for all your devices from one place

You can add different devices to your feed, receiving the same notifications across your desktops, mobiles or tablets. Your channels and filters are stored in the cloud.

Let your friends or followers be part of your feed

Not only yourself but also other users can subscribe to your feed. Simply share your feeds url with them.

No app installation needed

To add a new device on desktop or mobile simply visit your feeds url and hit subscribe, that's it! The only thing that you will need is a browser that supports serviceworkers (f.e. chrome, chrome mobile, firefox, opera ..)